Planner Spread: Halloween Style

I truly don’t know why we get such joy out of watching other people plan, but out of everything I talk about, I get the most questions about my bible journaling and planning. There’s something about the paper and pen, I suppose.

Over on my Instagram, I posted a quick video on how I did my planner spread for next week, it’s officially Halloween time and I needed my layout to reflect that! I wanted to share the supplies I use weekly in case anyone needed to spend any more money on office supplies.

Planner Supplies:

  • Halloween Washi Tap: Michael’s
  • Highlighters: Midliner Highlighters
    • These are double tipped and are very popular among planning addicts. They have little to no bleed through on thicker paper. I highly recommend them. I use the highlighters to highlight different categories for my day. For example, any personal events are highlighted in pink. Volunteer plans are highlighted in blue. It makes it easy to quickly glance at my week and see what is coming up.
  • Colored Pens: Stabilo Pens
    • I love, love, love these pens. Smooth writing and on quality paper, no bleed through.
  • Planner sheets: Pink Mouse Planner Shop
    • I searched high and low for a weekly spread that would allow me to not only write down the day’s agenda items, but also have room for my weekly menu, prayers, and space for my checklist. There was even a habit tracker on this layout. I’ve used it since July and I’m really enjoying creating the layouts with it. I wish this would have come already printed but it doesn’t- you have to print it at home. An economical choice, but I’d much prefer to pay to have it printed and cut. I took it to Office Max to have them cut the sheets to fit my A7 planner. All together, it probably cost about $10 for the digital file, cutting, and paper used.
  • Paper for planner printing: HP Printing Paper 32 lb
    • I wanted thicker paper for my planning and this one is great! I get little to no bleed through with all of the various pens I use. Thicker paper is super important.
  • A5 Binder: Lucy Celebrates

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