Southern Home Ideas: MatchStick Holders

I don’t often go to antique stores (I don’t know why cause I love them!) But when I do, I’m always on the hunt for tiny match holders. I like to put them in places where we always have candles and need easy access to matches. Sure, we could use a matchbook or lighter, but I think this adds a bit of a special touch to the decor.

The text on the little toilet reads: For Gentlemen Only

I found this cheeky toilet last summer and thought it would be perfect to hold matchsticks in, you guessed it, the guest bathroom. I seriously have no idea what it used to be, but I thought it was pretty funny. If anyone has any bright ideas on what its original purpose was, I would love to hear about it! We had never seen anything like it and we are stumped!

This repurposed measuring cup sits on my kitchen island. In order to make it actually usable, I ordered match striker stickers and put them on the bottom. I would recommend ordering a couple of sets as the strikers do wear out eventually and you will need to put a fresh sticker on. I really like this version as you can cut it into whatever shape you need.

If repurposing something or antique shopping isn’t your jam, there are a lot of other cute matchstick holder options out there. Found this handmade one on from a seller in North Carolina, called Henro.

I love how fun and unexpected these trinkets are and they add a little touch of whimsy to any corner of your house!

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