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Teaching From Home: “Classroom” Edition- before

A couple of weeks ago, my district announced that we would be holding school virtually until Labor Day when the board would reassess the community and then make another decision, either extending virtually learning or welcoming students back into the classroom. Since I knew I would be doing my professional development, trainings, and back to school meetings from home PLUS teaching for at least a month, I knew I had to freshen up my classroom/office area.

P has moved into the actual office, so I’m going to be using the small desk area off the kitchen. I’m okay with nooks, but it’s pretty small. I’m forcing myself to be okay with it since I also have my coffee maker within reach. Bonus. Back in the spring when this mess started, this is what I used and slowly it has just become a dumping ground for work and grad school stuff.

My old classroom before.

I don’t fully know how long I will be here, but I’m a big proponent of feeling comfortable in the space where you work. You spend 8+ hours a day in your classroom or office. Put some effort into making it feel comfortable. I remember spending over a week painting an old classroom in a very old school with no windows. When I first saw it, I almost cried, it was so decrepit and it was overwhelming to think I would be spending my days in here. But after some paint, some farmhouse-y wall paper and some touches of home decor, it truly didn’t feel like a bad place to spend my time.

After a week of hard work.

At home, my space is considerably smaller and because it is in a very open area and not a room that can be closed off, I have to make sure that what I do matches with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. But I also want to make sure it feels like something my students can learn in and where I can have my admin meetings and still look professional.

I ordered a white board and some cute gold frames to add to the walls. As soon as I get those in and set it all up, I will share the results. Teachers, what are your plans for starting back? I’d love to see you classroom/office spaces and the accommodations you’ve made for virtual teaching!

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