Feminine Floral Dress options For Summer

Bows in your hair never go out of style.

Dresses reign this summer, no doubt, and I’m unabashedly here for it. When I was younger though, I was the biggest tomboy. I hated wearing dresses and would throw a fit when my mom would force me to wear stockings and pantyhose for church (hello, all my 90’s ladies!) I didn’t even get into purses until my twenties. For some reason, it took me a while to come around to all things girly and feminine.

Thankfully, I went to a private Catholic school for high school, so I had to get used to the idea wearing skirts daily. I came around to dresses in my thirties and I couldn’t be more in love with how feminine they make me feel. It doesn’t hurt that they truly have appealed to my lazy side. One dress and the entire outfit is complete and because people are uber casual these days, you often can appear very done up with minimal effort!

my Gal Meets Glam dress

As far as comfort goes, you can’t beat a stylish, flowy dress. Find me a pair of jeans that is more comfortable that a chic and loose dress, I dare you.

I’m in love with this dress I wore for my last low key date with P by Julia of Gal Meets Glam. It was comfortable and modest and I felt completely put together. Sadly, she is closing this line in August of this year. But I’m linking a few dresses below that are similar in style- floral and feminine. Put a bow in your hair and some pearl earrings on and you’re all set!

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