Cheater 4th of July Cupcakes

We always head to the family lake house for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. It’s only a one hour drive from our door to the lake and my in-laws are some of my favorite people in the world. Lake life in Texas is a whole other world and it’s heaven on earth for us.

Naturally we eat, swim, and eat some more. This year, I’m brining a desert, an appetizer and some sangria. I wanted to keep it relatively simple so I am taking an easy corn dip from The Anthony Kitchen that looks incredible. I’m also making a batch of cheater cupcakes. I call them cheater because I use a simple box mix, store bought icing, but make it look fancy with the decorations and icing piping technique.

Sneaky move #1: I used an icing bag and tip to apply the frosting instead of just smearing it on with a knife like I normally do. I watched this YouTube video on how to pipe frosting onto cupcakes and it was easier than I thought it would be.

Sneaky move #2: I also ordered some fun red, gold, and blue star sprinkles and cupcake toppers from Amazon to top it all off. The sparkly “fireworks” pics will also double as cocktail pics for our drinks tomorrow!

Patriotic Sprinkles for Baking

Fireworks Cupcake Topper

Piping Bag, Tips, and Couplers

I had to remind myself how to set the tips in and use couplers but it’s so easy. Next time, I will use a larger tip but this time around I didn’t have one that would fit with my coupler.

Simply combining these two hacks took my cupcakes from humdrum to adorable! I hope everyone has a wonderful and patriotic holiday weekend. God bless America!

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